My first visit to a chiropractor

Chiropractic Adjustment

Historically, I have had problems with my back. Nothing was straight. In times of stress, I would get completely locked-up. It stopped me in my tracks and sometimes my sciatic nerve sent me spasms in the buttocks. To top it all, I suffer from migraines, which I am sure they are aggravated by tensions in my back. So when when I was visiting Vancouver on my last trip, my good friend Ted suggested to me to try a local Vancouver chiropractor, and I was all for it.

I was received in a clean clinic room, pretty much a conventional doctor’s clinic, with a desk and an examination table. The chiropractor, called Caroline, wondering about my medical and traumatic history. “Have you had any car accidents, skiing, biking?” I did one suffer a severe enough fall from a horse. “How much time do you spend at the computer?” Far too much in my opinion. “How do you sleep?” Curled up with my head on a virtually flat pillow. My examiner smirked at each of my answers …

My body exam

The examination that ensued showed me that my back is much like the Tower of Pisa! I stood there in my underwear in front of a mirror. Placed behind me, Caroline pointed out the lobes of my ears. They are roughly aligned.

The shoulders is where the offset starts to be apparent. In my hips, the difference is obvious. To complete the evidence, she takes a picture of my back and shows me. Not what you would call pretty. I then stand on a kind of balance that measures the pressure on both feet. The difference between left and right is huge. My heart sunk. At least my ears are in line …

Spinal manipulation without pain

Caroline proposed to “adjust me” at the pelvis and neck, in a few sessions. “Adjustment”, this is how chiropractors call their spinal manipulation. You lie on your stomach on the exam table. We begin with the pelvis. She applies slight hand pressure while pulsating on the table. I jolt every time, but it’s painless.

We go to the neck. I’m lying on my back. She stands behind my head. Her fingers look for points of painful tension in the neck. She finds them at once by pressing slightly.
An amazing relaxation session

So up to this point it was an amazing relaxation session. She puts her fingers in the neck and forehead, gives me directions: “Take a deep breath, blow. Breathe in, hold your breath … Blow …” I let myself go. When pressed again pain points, I hardly feel anything.

I get up shaky. My chiropractor explains that for an hour or two, I will be very tired, and that I might get aches in the shoulder blades. She recommended me to take a hot bath or use a hot water pouch. I do have the feeling of floating on a cloud. It’s nice. Later will come the aforementioned pains, but nothing nasty.

And then what?

Caroline admits she can not cure migraines but, perhaps, reduce the frequency and intensity. I appreciate her pragmatic discourse, supported by an objective demonstration. I am ready to try.

I come back the following week. I come with an x-ray of my neck, essential to check that I have no side-effects to further adjustment sessions. Always teaching, Carolina Trace in pencil the ideal axis that should follow my vertebrae. The program is the same as during the first session. I come out less tired. It gives me the feeling like rust off. I will definitely continue.

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